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40MW Solar Farm

Canworthy Water, Cornwall

We were instructed by our client to apply for planning permission and to undertake a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) for a large 25MW commercial solar farm in North Cornwall. The proposal included a large substation to connect the solar farm to the grid. The site was large enough to fall into the Schedule 2 category of the Town and Country Planning Act, and required a full Environmental Impact Assessment with an Environmental Statement (ES) to be submitted. We carried out the LVIA and working closely with other professions, coordinated the preparation and submission of the ES.

The site contained a large number of existing trees, thousands of metres of hedgerows and a large pond, so proposals to protect, maintain and manage these and any proposed extra landscaping were integrated into the design.

The Strategic Planning Committee of the Council granted planning permission and the final installed capacity of the solar farm is 40MW.

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